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Identify a graphics card problem

The principle is simple: the graphics card is the display of your computer. It reads text and graphics from your programs, and passes them to your screen. The result of a problem of graphics card will be displayed, therefore, always on the latter … making sometimes complex the dissociation of the two! Your screen is blinking, does a video refuse to appear? Are stains, green squares, flashing lines or black areas interposed in 3D view? In either case, of the graphics card or the screen, one of the two components has failures. Note: a dead pixel, on the other hand, is dealing only with screen.
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First of all, you must exclude the screen from the equation. To do this, there is only one way: to isolate the display of the two elements. It’s up to you to choose which … although it is much easier to connect a second screen than to change a graphics card! Take a monitor, if you have only one, and connect it to your computer. The method works with most laptops, if you have the right connections. Do display problems persist? If so, the failure is actually from the graphics card; If not, the screen!
Troubleshoot a graphics card problem

As often, before you embark on the big maneuvers, think upgrade. A simple driver problem on your graphics card can indeed disrupt its operation. On Windows, open the “Start” menu. Click “Computer,” then “Properties,” and “System.” On the “Hardware” tab, choose “Device Manager”. In the “Graphics Card” section, double-click the name of yours. The “Pilot” tab will display its version. Check the manufacturer’s website for the latest, or download the latest. Also check that it is compatible with the version of your operating system.
Change graphics card?

When the display drops out, the screen is out of order and the driver is updated … there are few options other than changing the graphics card. Rest assured, changing a component is only a formality … with a bit of detail. The most complex step will be to choose the right component, precisely! Ask yourself if you need more: more power, more memory? Without that, nothing prevents you to buy a similar graphics card, but new, with the assurance of compatibility without problem for your computer.